See the Killer First Look Promo Poster for the New ‘Halloween’!!! Check It Out!!

While writer/director David Gordon Green and co-writer Danny McBride are hard at work on the script for Blumhouse’s new, John Carpenter-approved Halloween movie, the studio is already getting a move on publicity for the film. Collider’s Steve Weintraub has been busy  snapping pictures at the annual Licensing Expo, and he scoped out a couple of new promo posters for the film.

Blumhouse has taken a minimalist approach for their first promo, which is fairly par for the course when it comes to marketing material for films that haven’t started filming yet, but they’ve done it very well. This is a promo piece that looks classic, invokes instantly recognizable iconography, and nods to the original without replicating it. It’s a smart, well-put-together piece of promo art, and it lines up exactly with what McBride has been saying about their approach to the reboot/sequel. Bottom line, keep it real and simplicity is key. They’re going for an old-school slasher scare, no convoluted mythology or supernatural flourishes.

Check out the first Halloween promo posters below and be sure to click for hi-res: halloween-promo-poster halloween-promo-poster-image

via Collider

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