Gal Gadot Rumored To Bring Wonder Woman Into Flashpoint Film!!

Last season on The Flash, the show took on a very limited version of the Flashpoint storyline because many of the major DC heroes were not available for the TV show. And though that’s not the case in the DC Extended Universe, the big screen heroes will have a Flashpoint movie of their own. Making such a premise intriguing to us? A new report that suggests Gal Gadot‘s Wonder Woman may be joining Ezra Miller‘s Flash in that dark alternate world adventure.

According to Deadline, “[Gadot] will reprise in the Patty Jenkins-directed sequel and DC spin-offs including the Justice League films and the spin-off for The Flash.” That entire sentence was just an afterthought in a write-up about Gadot’s new movie, Deeper, but it could mean so much more for Flashpoint. Because if Gadot really is on board for that movie then audiences may see a much darker Wonder Woman than they’ve ever seen in live-action before.

Keep in mind that the Deadline report hasn’t been confirmed yet. In the Flashpoint comic book series, the Flash suffered a moment of selfishness and changed the past by saving his mother from the Reverse-Flash. That single change set off a number of differences in the timeline, including Thomas Wayne as the Batman and a devastating war between Wonder Woman and Aquaman.

Within that twisted timeline, Wonder Woman and Aquaman were actually engaged to be married as a way to create a lasting peace between Themyscira and Atlantis. However in that iteration, Wonder Woman killed Aquaman’s lover, Mera, in self-defense. In turn, Aquaman and Wonder Woman set out to wipe their respective kingdoms off the face of the Earth. Along the way, Wonder Woman and Aquaman murdered millions of people in their quest to destroy each other.

It would make a lot of sense for Gadot to appear in the movie, even if only as a secondary antagonist—it’s too good of an opportunity to show Wonder Woman at her darkest moments (and as we’ve already seen: Wonder Woman makes everything better). Of course, Jason Momoa would also have to appear as Aquaman to make it work. But it is definitely an idea that has merit.


via Nerdist

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