‘Mission: Impossible 6’: Christopher McQuarrie Releases a New Image of Tom Cruise and Simon Pegg!! Check It Out!!!

Filming is still underway on Mission: Impossible 6, but it looks like everything is back on track following Tom Cruise’s injury earlier this year. Writer-director Christopher McQuarrie has released a new image of Cruise and co-star Simon Pegg, and while it doesn’t tell us a single thing about the movie, it’s still a nice reminder that filming is humming along and hopefully the sequel is still on track for release next year. Additionally, I think we’ve reached the point where as good as the original Mission: Impossible is, it’s tough to see these movies without Benji Dunn. While other actors can cycle out of the franchise, if they did one without Pegg, you’d feel his absence.

Looking at this photo, I’m wondering how many more of these Mission: Impossible films Cruise has left in him. Although he hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down, he’s 55 years old, and while I totally believe that Cruise could be jumping out of planes and doing crazy stunts in his sixties, those stunts don’t get any easier with age. I don’t know if Mission: Impossible 6 will be a swan song for the franchise (no one has indicated that this will be the last go-round), but I’m very curious to see where Cruise’s career goes in the years ahead.

Check out the photo from the Mission: Impossible 6 set below. The film also stars Henry Cavill, Rebecca Ferguson, Vanessa Kirby, Sean Harris, and Alec Baldwin. The film is currently set to open on July 27, 2018.

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