‘Silicon Valley’ Trailer Boots up the New Internet for Season 5!!! Check It Out!!

HBO has released the first Silicon Valley Season 5 trailer, and it’s remarkable that the show is still this sharp. Perhaps that comes from having well-defined characters played by outstanding comic actors, but it’s still pretty impressive when you consider that every season of Silicon Valley is pretty much the same in terms of plot arcs. And yet it’s the coloring of those arcs and using that structure as a way to poke fun at the rest of the tech industry that makes the show work. I wouldn’t be surprised if Season 5 has the same arc of rise-fall-rise (Richard and his friends think they’re on the fast track, everything falls apart, and then they somehow succeed to fail again another day), but the comedy still works regardless.

For those who forgot where the last season left off, Richard’s gamble on a “New Internet” had managed to pay off in its initial steps by getting the Pied Piper platform up and running, but now it looks like he’ll be trying to manage the business and the tech once again. This will be the first season without T.J. Miller as Erlich Bachmann, but this is a deep bench of talent and I think they’ll be just fine. I’ll also be interested to see if the show gets a boost now that Kumail Nanjiani probably has a larger fanbase thanks to the success of The Big Sick.

Check out the Silicon Valley Season 5 trailer below. The new season premieres on HBO on March 25th. The show also stars Thomas Middleditch, Martin Starr, and Zach Woods.


via Collider

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