‘Westworld’ Season 2 Teaser Shows Charlotte Taking Control!!! Check It Out!!

Westworld‘s second season has been shrouded in secrecy, and frankly we shouldn’t want it any other way. Say what you will about puzzlebox TV shows, it was a lot of fun to try and piece together what Westworld was all about during its debut season, putting forth theories and seeing them smashed to pieces (or feeling vindicated that your guesses were correct). It’s a rare treat to have a show with a puzzle aspect that enough people are tuning into week by week to foster discussion about it, so I look forward to what the show has in store for us coming up.

However, there is a limit to secrecy when it comes to marketing, and it doesn’t mean that we won’t get some hints about Season 2 to start fueling our speculation. Today, HBO released a new teaser that doesn’t provide us with any footage, but should pique your interest. When watching the clip remember that “Journey into Night” was Ford’s final production that went absolutely haywire. Someone is seeking help, but very quickly Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson) is letting everyone know that things are just fine. Totally fine. Really fine, I promise.

This is a precursor for the full Westworld Season 2 trailer, which is now set to debut during the Super Bowl. Hopefully at that point we also learn the premiere date. Series co-creator Jonathan Nolan directed the ad himself, which EW says includes footage that isn’t actually in the show itself. Moreover, HBO has only purchased Super Bowl ad time twice before, in the 1990s for the network as a whole, so this is a pretty big deal.

For now, check out the Westworld Season 2 teaser below.

The show returns sometime this year (soon?) and also stars Evan Rachel Wood, James Marsten, Jeffrey WrightThandie Newton, and Luke Hemsworth.


via Collider

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