‘Succession’ Trailer: HBO’s New Series Seems Mixed Between Comedy and Drama!!! Check It Out!!

HBO has released the first Succession trailer. The upcoming series follows The Roy family, which controls a global media and entertainment empire, but when the patriarch Logan Roy (Brian Cox) announces he’s stepping down, the family starts angling for who will take control with the “soft-hearted” son Kendall (Jeremy Strong) looking like the frontrunner to lead his father’s company into the future over the objection of his siblings.

The trailer proudly announces it’s from the director of The Big Short, Adam McKay, but you won’t find many comedic touches here, although there are a few. Succession looks like it’s far more on the dramatic side as a power struggle ignites and follows deeply flawed people trying to assume the mantle of leadership for a massive company. The question here is if these characters are endearingly flawed, or if this is a war of the assholes kind of thing like the second season of Boardwalk Empire where you don’t really care who wins because everyone is terrible? In Veep, that callousness works because it’s tempered by hilarious incompetence, but in a drama, it can seriously hurt the stakes. That being said, I’m eager to at least give the pilot a shot to see if it hooks me.

Check out the Succession trailer below. The series premieres on HBO in June and also stars Kieran Culkin, Sarah Snook, and Alan Ruck.

Here’s the official synopsis for Succession:

The Roy family controls a global media and entertainment empire, but when patriarch Logan Roy (Brian Cox) announces he’s stepping down as head of the company, the family is forced to contemplate their next moves. From Executive Producers Jesse Armstrong, Adam McKay, Frank Rich (HBO’s Veep), Kevin Messick, Will Ferrell, Jane Tranter (HBO’s The Night Of) and Mark Mylod (HBO’s Entourage), Succession premieres this June on HBO.


via Collider

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