‘Westworld’ Episode 8 Trailer Focuses on Ghost Nation!! Check It Out!!

Though Westworld‘s seventh episode, “Les Écorchés,” answered a lot of questions about Ford’s narrative and the true plan for the park (as far as Delos is concerned), there is still one major mystery that remains: Ghost Nation. These hosts don’t seem to play by the same rules as any others in the park, and their origins and purpose as part of Ford’s plans remain in question. At the end of “Les Écorchés” we saw them take Maeve’s daughter with them, and we know they’ve also captured the Man in Black’s daughter Emily. In the previous episode, their leader (played by the great Zahn McClarnon) told Maeve in Lakota, “Come with us. We are meant for the same path.” Instead of trusting them, though, she ran.

The upcoming episode, “Kiksuya” looks like it will focus entirely on Ghost Nation, which is a great thing. The best episodes this season have narrowed their focus to just one particular storyline (for the most part): the James Delos experiment, Shogun World, and perhaps now Ghost Nation. Check out the trailer for the new episode below, which shows Zahn McClarnon’s character exploring his own past and perhaps telling us what role this mysterious group will play in the story:


via Collider

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