‘Westworld’ Trailer: Next Week’s Episode Is About More William Revelations!!! Check It Out!!

Westworld Season 2 has been taking on much more of a “bottle episode” structure than Season 1, and that appears to continue in next week’s episode “Vanishing Point.” The trailer for the episode teases an hour that’s focused more on Ed Harris’ William, finally revealing what exactly happened in his family life that put him on the road towards evil. We know William’s wife committed suicide, and we know William’s daughter blames him, so it looks like we’ll see just exactly what was going on there in the time between his first visit to the park and when we met The Man in Black in Season 1. Moreover, this trailer reveals that Sela Ward will be filling the role of William’s departed partner.

While Westworld can be hit or miss, these “bottle episodes”—or episodes focused mainly on one or two characters as opposed to jumping around to various storylines—have been almost exclusively great in Season 2. The Shogun World episode was tremendously emotional, the James Delos-focused episode was wonderfully satisfying, and last night’s Ghost Nation episode evoked something like Lost’s iconic “The Constant.” Here’s hoping the streak continues next week.

“Vanishing Point” is the penultimate episode of the season so we’re nearing the end of “The Door” story that Westworld Season 2 is telling, and William is certainly key to what’s going on there.

Check out the new Westworld trailer below followed by a behind-the-scenes featurette for the Ghost Nation episode.

via Collider

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