Fox Teases ‘Gambit’ at the CineEurope 2018 Presentation!!!!

Fox teased Channing Tatum’s solo X-Men spin-off, Gambit, to fans during their X-Men presentation in CineEurope 2018.

Gambit has been in development hell for a few years now. Multiple directors have signed on and soon exited the project, leaving fans wondering if the film would ever come to fruition. It appears that Fox hasn’t given up on the Cajun mutant just yet, as they teased the film alongside X-Men spin-off New Mutants:

“But the fantastic action thriller DARK PHOENIX (in Russia – from February 14) looks better than expected. At the presentation, his new trailer was shown, getting rid of the excessive gloom of the teaser and clearly positioning the project as a direct continuation of the X-MEN . In addition, other projects of the Marvel universe – NEW MUTANTS and GAMBIT – were announced in this block , but there are no materials on them yet.”

No further details were presented, but it appears that the solo outing is still a priority for them. New Mutants, of course, has already completed principal photography and has gone back for some reshoots, so mentioning Gambit — which still does not have a director attached — in the same sentence as a film that for all intents and purposes is done, is a little questionable. Nevertheless, Fox seems confident that he film will eventually be released and want to keep fans excited.


via Heroic Hollywood

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