‘Westworld’ Season 2 Episode 10 Trailer Gives Us Look at the Epic Finale!!! Check It Out!!

There is plenty to unpack from Westworld Season 2’s ninth episode “Vanishing Point,” but how can we not also be immediately distracted by the trailer for the finale, “The Passenger”? From the looks of it, all of our major characters will be making it to the Forge, a.k.a. the Door, a.k.a. The Valley Beyond, and what awaits them there is sure to be a mind-boggling experience.

The promo trailer for the finale flips back and forth from full-screen and 16:9 — we’ve seen in the past that the show moves to 16:9 to distinguish scenes from The Cradle versus the real world. So, it looks like Dolores and Bernard have indeed entered the Forge (since the Cradle was destroyed), where they’re able to experience data from Logan, James Delos, and more, to help piece together the larger mysteries of the park, their creation, and Ford’s plan. Or at least, start to.

Meanwhile, “Vanishing Point” essentially set William / The Man in Black and Dolores up as parallel murder-bot Deathbringers (not that I think William actually is a host here, although it’s an interesting theory), as they are both slaughtering chaos machines who will undoubtedly make things difficult for Maeve and the others who are fighting to get out (through that weird split in the sky?!) Plus, is that a Charlotte Hale host?

Check out the finale trailer below:

via Collider

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