‘Hellboy’: First Poster Reintroduces The Right Hand of Doom!! Check It Out!!

Lionsgate has released the first Hellboy poster. The upcoming reboot has dropped the “Rise of the Blood Queen” subtitle back in August 2017, and while it may be a bit confusing to those who thought we already had a Hellboy movie, right now Lionsgate is clearing courting the diehard fans who want to see Neil Marshall’s new spin on Mike Mignola’s character, this time played by Stranger ThingsDavid Harbour.

Fans of the character know that Hellboy is the “Right Hand of Doom”, a prophet of the apocalypse who is supposed to unlock the prison of a primordial demon dragon and bring about the end times. However, what makes the character so lovable is that his personality is just that of a working stiff. He made traffic in the paranormal, but he’s positively blue-collar in everything he does, so he doesn’t really want any part of his dark destiny, right down to shaving off his demon horns.

However, it looks like the horns will be coming out a bit in Marshall’s movie as we can see from this poster. While the tagline already feels dated (using Internet slang for a character who’s more about drinking beer, eating pancakes, and punching the undead doesn’t really fit), the character at least looks cool in this poster. It also shows a clear break from the Guillermo Del Toro movies, signaling that this is a fresh start for the character even if the title is the same as the 2004 movie.

Check out the poster below via EW. Hellboy opens April 12, 2019 and also stars Ian McShane as Professor Bruttenholm, Daniel Dae Kim as Ben Daimio, Sasha Lane as Alice Monaghan, and Milla Jovovich as the Blood Queen.



via Collider

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