‘Under the Silver Lake’ Delayed Again to 2019!!

We’re going to have to wait even longer to see It Follows filmmaker David Robert Mitchell’s neo-noir Under the Silver Lake. The film was originally scheduled for release this past June, but after a mixed response at the Cannes Film Festival, A24 decided to push the movie to December. This seemed like an odd choice given that Under the Silver Lake would then be buried under all the awards films, and indeed A24 has now changed course once again and will instead be releasing the film on April 19, 2019, nearly a year after it made its world premiere at Cannes.

The original film was written and directed by Mitchell and stars Andrew Garfield as a disenchanted man who discovers a mysterious woman played by Riley Keough, only for her to completely vanish from his life. The man then embarks on a surreal quest to find her, following clues that lead him into the wild conspiracies of Los Angeles.

Out of that Cannes premiere, the film drew comparisons to Richard Kelly’s ambitious Southland Tales, and while early word after the first release date delay was that Mitchell was going to recut the film after Cannes, IndieWire—which reported the latest release date news—says the movie remains unchanged and is still the cut that was screened at Cannes.

To be honest, that December release date never made sense, and I’m happy to see the film moved to a more appropriate launch date even if it means we have to wait even longer. There’s currently nothing else scheduled for release on April 19, 2019, so for the time being Under the Silver Lake has that date to itself. Although it is two weeks before Marvel launches Avengers 4.


via Collider

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