‘The Walking Dead’: Andrew Lincoln and Jon Bernthal Reunite In New Behind-the-Scenes Image!! Check It Out!!

The season 9 episode of The Walking Deadtitled “What Comes After” immediately took on a great deal of importance once AMC revealed it would be the last to feature Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes, who has been the sweaty but always resilient leader of the show since day one. Nothing is known for certain how exactly Rick will exit the series and season 9 hasn’t exactly been building up to any particular event—Rick is just as likely to ride off into the sunset as he is to trip into a wood-chipper, for all we know—but it is confirmed that Jon Bernthal‘s long-dead Shane Walsh will play a part in the episode. Ahead of Rick’s farewell, episode director Greg Nicotero revealed a behind-the-scenes look at Lincoln and Bernthal’s reunion, which will also feature the final appearance of the late Scott Wilson as Hershel Greene.

Nicotero teased an emotional episode he called one of his best:

I put my all into this episode and very proud of the direction…I feel it’s one of my best! So many great moments paying tribute to characters, moments and fans from the last 9 years. And Bernthal , Sonequa and my dear friend Scott Wilson who was so proud to be back on the show. I’m humbled to say I showed him his scenes and he couldn’t have been more proud to tell another chapter of Herschels story.

Check out the image below. “What Comes After” airs on AMC on Sunday, November 4.


via Collider

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