Jeff Bridges Returns as The Dude Alongside Carrie Bradshaw for Super Bowl Ad!! Check It Out!!

In an age of constant reboots, remakes, and sequels, you’d be forgiven for thinking Jeff Bridges’ brief Twitter return as The Dude from The Big Lebowskiwas heralding a reprisal of the Coen Brothers‘ iconic character. Whelp! In a move mirroring the great Crocodile Dundee Fiasco of 2018, it turns out Bridges was merely donning the classic sweater again not for a sequel but a Super Bowl advertisement, this time for Stella Artois. The actor was joined by Sarah Jessica Parker who was also briefly bringing back arguably the most beloved role of her career, Carrie Bradshaw from HBO’s Sex and the City. The gist being, of course, that The Dude and Carrie would forgo the White Russian and Cosmopolitan for the beer that sometimes comes in those free and extremely breakable glasses.

I mean, sure. Sure! The ad is for a good cause after all, with Stella joining up with and each purchase providing clean water for someone who needs it. But I am extremely eager to see if it becomes a yearly tradition for brands to make people think a new, possibly highly-anticipated movie is happening but then be like “nope, Christian Bale actually dressed up as Batman again because of Gatorade!” or whatever.

Oh well. Let Jeff Bridges do what he wants. Did you see his Cecil B. DeMille Award speech at the Golden Globes? My dude was out there talking about ocean tankers and boat rudders and nonsense and it was the most delightful thing I’ve ever seen in my life. More people are going to watch this Super Bowl ad than Bad Times at the El Royale and that’s a national tragedy.

Anyway, check out the ad below, and be back here come Super Bowl time this Sunday, February 3 for more of that commercial coverage madness.


via Collider

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