‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Renewed for Season 7 by NBC!!!!

NBC is happy to stay in the Brooklyn Nine-Nine business. After saving the show from cancellation by Fox last year, the network announced today that it has ordered Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7, renewing the show for another season. This is in stark contrast to the outlook on the show’s future at Fox, where the writers and producers were preparing for a potential Season 6 to be their last.

The comedy has performed well on NBC, and the major difference here is that NBC Universal owns the show, and thus continues to reap monetary benefits from its continued existence. So if the show is performing alright ratings-wise, it’s in NBC’s best interest to keep it going.

Creatively, there are no signs that showrunner Dan Goor and his team are slowing down. While this season did see the exit of series regular Chelsea Peretti (the specifics of which are still a bit curious), the mix of comedy and heart remains on point, and I look forward to enjoying the continued adventures of Andy Samberg and Co. next year.

When NBC picked up the show for Season 6, the did so with an order of 18 episodes as opposed to the usual 22-episode order at Fox. It’s unclear if they’ll stick with 18 next year, or higher or lower. But at this point fans are no doubt just happy the show is coming back.


via Collider

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