‘Ghostbusters’: Carrie Coon and Finn Wolfhard in Talks to Lead New Sequel!!!

Casting has begun for the new Ghostbusters movie set to start filming this summer. The project was developed in secrecy last year by Juno filmmaker Jason Reitman, with Sony Pictures only announcing its existence last month with a brief teaser trailer. Reitman—the son of Ivan Reitman, the director of the first two Ghostbusters movies—has said this will be a sequel that is set inside the universe of the first two films, and it may or may not involve the return of certain iconic characters and actors. Reitman will direct from a screenplay he co-wrote with Gil Kenan.

While reprisals are under wraps (or in flux), Variety reports—and Collider can confirm—that Stranger Things actor Finn Wolfhard and The Leftovers standout Carrie Coon are in talks to star in the new Ghostbusters movie. The story will reportedly follow a single mom and her family, with Coon playing the mom and Wolfhard playing her son. It’s unclear how, exactly, this connects with people who bust ghosts for a living, but surely it will somehow.

Wolfhard’s a bit of an obvious choice having become a go-to for 80s nostalgia projects. He broke out in a big way in Stranger Things, then followed that up with a memorable turn in the hit horror adaptation It. Coon, meanwhile, is one of the most exciting actresses working today. She astounded for three seasons on HBO’s criminally underrated The Leftovers and has subsequently impressed with turns in FX’s Fargo and films like Widows and Gone Girl.

Filming on the untitled Ghostbusters sequel begins this summer in anticipation of a July 10, 2020 release date. Expect more casting news soon.


via Collider

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