‘Dead Don’t Die’: New TV Spot Has Adam Driver Explaining How to Kill Zombies!! Check It Out!!

Focus Features has released a new TV spot and a number of character posters for the upcoming zombie movie The Dead Don’t Die. The original feature, written and directed by Paterson and Only Lovers Left Alive filmmaker Jim Jarmusch, follows members of a small town during a zombie apocalypse. It’s an exciting choice of genre for Jarmusch, especially having now seen the trailer and this TV spot. The film doesn’t appear to be full of the existentialism or stylization of some of Jarmusch’s other features, and instead is very much in the vein of a B-movie from the 60s or 70s. Which could be a lot of fun! Especially given the cast involved.

In this TV spot, Adam Driver explains the ways the townspeople can kill the zombies, and the film appears to be following your traditional rules. A lot of the footage also looks to be shot day-for-night (meaning it’s shot during the day, then manipulated to look like nighttime), which is an interesting choice on the part of Jarmusch.

Mostly I’m just fascinated by this movie. Is it really just a straight comedy? Is it supposed to be a genuine B-movie, or is Jarmusch going for something more? It’s impossible to tell from the marketing materials (even the font is campy!), but I can’t wait to see the film for myself to see what Jarmusch has up his sleeve.

Check out the new The Dead Don’t Die TV spot below, followed by some character posters. The film also stars Bill Murray, Chloe Sevigny, Danny Glover, Iggy Pop, Steve Buscemi, Caleb Landry Jones, Carol Kane, Rosie Perez, Sara Driver, Tom Waits, RZA, Selena Gomez, and Tilda Swinton. The Dead Don’t Die hits theaters on June 14th.

the-dead-dont-die-poster-bill-murray the-dead-dont-die-poster-tilda-swinton

the-dead-dont-die-poster-chloe-sevigny the-dead-dont-die-poster-adam-driver


via Collider

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