‘Game of Thrones’: New Images Teases the Second Last Episode!! Check It Out!!

Well folks, there are just two episodes left of this final season of Game of Thrones, and R’hllor only knows what showrunners Dan Weiss and David Benoiff have in store for us. After speeding through the battle against the Night King and his forces, and having Euron Greyjoy unceremoniously take down Rhaegal because Dany “forgot” about the Iron Fleet as she went south, we’ll just have to see what this battle in Episode 5 looks like. One element involved that we haven’t seen before is the addition of The Golden Company, led by Harry Strickland. This is a character we’ve barely seen and heard very little of, which isn’t very different from Euron Greyjoy at this point. Essentially, this battle boils down to characters we know well, and ones we don’t know at all.

In the new images for the upcoming episodes released by HBO today, we see Strickland ready to lend his forces to Queen Cersei’s aid (for a price, of course), while Davos, Tyrion, and Jon look towards King’s Landing with the remnants of their own forces mustered. Elsewhere, Tyrion looks horrified, Cersei looks smug, Euron looks concerned, Greyjoy is stoic, and Dany is … tired? I suppose you would be. You know what you could use? Some Starbucks.

Check out the images below; Game of Thrones‘ penultimate episode ever airs May 12th on HBO; will it be a Mother’s Day gift for Cersei?


Image via HBO


Image via HBO


Image via HBO


Image via HBO


Image via HBO


Image via HBO


Image via HBO


Image via HBO


Image via HBO



via Collider

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