‘Russian Doll’ Renewed for Season 2 by Netflix!!!

Season 2, what a concept! Variety reports that Netflix has renewed Russian Doll for at least one more loop. The first season of the streaming comedy, co-created by Natasha Lyonne, Amy Poehler, and Leslye Headland, followed a New Yorker (Lyonne) stuck repeating the same night of her life, the events rewinding every time she dies.

This is a bit of double-sided news. One one hand, Russian Doll‘s first season was an inventive, electric bit of storytelling, easily already among the best on TV in 2019. In her glowing 5/5 review, Collider’s Haleigh Foutch called the series “a brilliant tale of morality and mortality that finds an expert balance between sincerity, cutting comedy, and wild genre flourish.”

No lies detected there.

On the other hand, season 1 ended—no spoilers, just in case—on a stellar coda that didn’t so much wrap things up in a satisfying bow but instead went out on an experimental, uplifting note. Basically, Russian Doll seemed like a near-perfect one-and-done season of TV. However, it appears that the game plan from the beginning was three seasons, according to an interview with Headland shortly after season 1’s premiere:

 “We pitched Netflix three seasons of the most bonkers, heartfelt, passionate, this-is-what-we-truly-feel-like-is-our-story-to-tell idea…And they said: ‘Great, the more of that, the better. The more you guys this can be, the better. Here are the resources and the support — take off.’”

I suppose we’ll see where the time-bending series goes next when it returns for season 2.


via Collider

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