Disney, Apple, Amazon Sued for Ripping Off ‘X-Men’ Theme Song!!

The theme song to the 1990s X-Men animated series is one of the most radical pieces of music ever produced. Just listening to it increases your risk of skateboarding into a Pizza Hut by an incalculable percent. If a piece of music could wear Bret Hart sunglasses, the X-Men theme song would be draped in a hundred pairs, like a shimmering cloak of bodacity. There’s no activity it can’t inject with extreme rudeness. Here it is set to the opening credits of David, the Gnome.

And right now, the X-Men animated series theme song is the subject of a lawsuit that is as bizarre as it is heroic. As reported by Deadline, a Florida man named Zoltan Krisko has filed suit against Marvel, Apple, Amazon, Fox, and Disney, among others, alleging that the theme song is an unauthorized reproduction of the theme song from a Hungarian tv series called Linda. That show’s theme was written by a composer named Gyorgy Vukan, who died in 2013.

According to the lawsuit, Vukan’s estate passed through a will to Krisko, who registered the copyright to the Linda theme song in the United States in 2017. Krisko is representing himself in the lawsuit, in which he claims the X-Men theme song is at least partially responsible for the success of every X-Men adaptation of the past thirty years, including the billion dollar movie franchise, despite the fact that the animated series’ theme song is not featured in a single X-Men film. He seeks due compensation from every entertainment entity that has shared in the superhero team’s success, including Amazon and Apple, because the series is currently available for rental and purchase on their respective streaming services.

The fact that Krisko is acting as his own legal counsel suggests that the lawsuit was almost certainly written by Krisko himself, and it is a fascinating read. And even though it seems like a mathematical certainty that the suit will be thrown out, it’s such a big swing that you kind of have to respect it. Check out the theme songs to both X-Men and Linda below and see what you think (they’re admittedly pretty close).


via Collider

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