‘Knives Out’: New Character Videos Teases The Family!! Check It Out!!

With the release of Rian Johnson’s much anticipated Knives Out just over three weeks away, the movie’s official Twitter page posted three character videos today that shed a little more light on the Thrombey/Drysdale families, as well as the tone of the film. And the cutting/knife puns are aplenty with these short promo pieces.

In concert with the videos are webpages built for the fictitious companies the characters work for and operate.

First up, Jamie Lee Curtis is Linda Drysdale, a realtor with Thrombey Real Estate, who insists that buying a house shouldn’t have to be scary. Check out the video and what Linda and her company are all about:


Linda (Thrombey) Drysdale built her real estate firm from the ground up, from the sweat on her brow and the blood on her hands. From her sharp eye for properties on the brink of being slashed in prices and her willingness to sacrifice commissions to make your home ownership dreams come true, you won’t find a better team to help you make a killing in the real estate market.

Next up, there’s Toni Collette’s Joni Thrombey, who runs lifestyle brand Flam, a not so subtle jab at Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop. If the video below isn’t obvious, have a look at how the company describes itself underneath:

Flam, it’s a word, but it’s more than a word. It’s a whole new way of being that is simultaneously supportive and freeing. A total lifestyle of self-sufficiency with an acknowledgement of human need. It’s that balance of opposites that is the nugget of Flam, at the center of Flam philosophy.

Come seek an extraordinary existence with Flam.

Then we have Michael Shannon as Walt Thrombey, son of patriarch Harlan Thrombey—a world famous novelist. Harlan has named Walt acting CEO of Blood Like Wine Publishing. Here he is, excitedly moving the company forward:

And here’s Harlan’s bio on the site:

Harlan Thrombey started out with a rusty, old Smith Corona and built himself into one of the best-selling mystery writers of all time. Now he holds the reins to the mystery genre and has made it all his own. He has contributed an abundance of sprightly works and has become a staple in our hearts and on our bookshelves. He is one of the most widely read novelists in the world – his 54 novels and 18 short story collection have been translated into 30 languages with more than 2 billion copies sold.

Blood Like Wine Publishing is excited to announce that Walt Thrombey, son of Harlan Thrombey has been named acting CEO. There are big things on the horizon for Blood Like Wine Publishing like movies, tv shows, and licensing!

The next great chapter of Blood Like Wine Publishing starts here. Together, we’re in for a killer future.

But there’s more, or, there might be more. What great whodunnit doesn’t offer clues as to the identity of the crime’s culprit? If you visit the sites for yourself, you’ll find in each of those bios above, there may or may not be a coded message of some sort hidden within.

Knives Out, currently scoring a near impeccable 98% on Rotten Tomatoes, premieres November 27.


via Collider

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