‘Sin City’ Set to Become a TV Series!!

Sin City fans have something new to get excited about. Frank Miller and Robert Rodriquez may be getting together again to turn their stylishly elevated neo-noir franchise into a television series. According to Deadline, Legendary Television closed the agreement with Miller and are close to a deal with Rodriguez. The pair would executive produce the series, which will be produced by the head of Miller’s production company, Silenn Thomas, and Stephen L’Heureux. The latter produced the 2005 hit’s sequel, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, in 2014.

The first film, based on Miller’s popular graphic novels, was a box office hit and a visually stunning achievement that merged the mediums like never before. It also revived the career of Mickey Rourke. For that project, Rodriguez insisted Miller come aboard as a co-director due to the uniqueness of the imaginative work. The movie would play at Cannes and garner a Palme d’Or nomination.

Included in the deal with Miller is a hard-R animated prequel series to the first film (ya know, for kids). As for Legendary, should they set up the series at a network or streaming service, a first season will be guaranteed.

But how much fans actually want this is the question. Though the first film was groundbreaking and satisfied Miller’s fans the world over, its pricier 2014 sequel, which re-teamed him with Rodriquez and brought back some of the original cast, was an utter flop at the box office and maligned by critics. Part of the reason for its failure may have been that it hit theaters nine years after its predecessor. Or that its technological triumphs weren’t as breathtaking a second time around. Or that it just wasn’t very good.

A series based on this material is a risk as it’s not exactly a hot commodity at the moment. But if Rodriguez and Miller conceive a fresh presentation of this world and its colorful (or black and white) characters, they may win back their audience.


via Collider

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