‘No Time To Die’: Daniel Craig Confirms His Last Time Playing James Bond!!

After more than a decade spent playing the ever-dashing spy known as James Bond, Daniel Craig seems more than ready to hand over the reins to someone new. Craig first began playing Bond back in 2006, making his debut as author Ian Fleming‘s ageless MI6 agent with Casino Royale.

After nearly 14 years dedicated to playing Bond, it’s understandable Craig is officially ready to end his run. Speaking with Stephen Colbert during a recent appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert (via Entertainment Weekly), Craig was resolute on whether he was finished with Bond. At one point during their chat, Colbert asked if he was “done with Bond,” to which Craig responded, “Yes” followed by an even clearer “It’s done.” Craig seemed very definitive with his answer and confident in his ability to speak on the matter publicly.

Between Casino Royale and No Time to Die, there have been three other big Bond appearances for CraigQuantum of SolaceSkyfall, and Spectre. All told, getting five Bond films under your belt is no mean feat so I, for one, feel good about the note Craig is going out on. After No Time to Die, Craig will be seen in the TV adaptation of Jonathan Franzen‘s novel Purity as well as feature film The Creed of Violence from Little Children director Todd Field.

With Craig’s departure, the Bond seat is now open. There is a possibility his No Time to Die co-star Lashana Lynch will inherit the title as her character is rumored to step into the same narrative function as the MI6 agent in the upcoming 25th Bond flick. That said, no official statements have been made about Lynch’s role in No Time to Die and beyond in the Bond franchise nor has there been any mention of other actors currently in consideration for the role.

No Time to Die arrives in theaters on April 8, 2020.


via Collider

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