‘Kill Bill 3’: Quentin Tarantino Confirms Development!!

The last we saw The Bride, she was delivering the five point palm exploding heart technique and enjoying one last tender moment with Bill. She’d had her vengeance and all was right in her blood-soaked world. But could there be more story left to tell? According to Quentin Tarantino, Kill Bill: Vol. 3 may be even closer now.

A day after his Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood received five Golden Globe nominations, including Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy, and Best Director and Screenplay for Tarantino, he sat down with Andy Cohen (on Andy Cohen Live). The host asked Tarantino about the Kill Bill franchise, and the famed filmmaker said he just so happened to have had dinner with star Uma Thurman last night—and at a Japanese restaurant, appropriately. The bottom line is this: he’s got an idea for a third installment. Conquering the concept of what’s happened to The Bride, he says, was the hurdle. Apparently it was conquerable, and Quentin says he knows what this one could be, which is more than he said back in July, if only slightly.

However, it won’t be for a while. Even if Kill Bill is “in the cards,” Tarantino says, he’s got some other things on the immediate horizon. As we reported already, his writing has taken on some new forms recently. Though he doesn’t mention the novel this time, Quentin again brings up a play he’s written and a 5-episode television series.

He’s remained mum on the subjects of both of those projects, but these are sure to generate much interest in the year to come. Known for the freedom he’s given to write whatever he’d like and make it whatever length he deems fit, there’s no wonder penning five episodes worth of (probably) meaty dialogue and rich character development appealed to Tarantino.

In any event, a Kill Bill: Vol. 3 won’t happen for another three years, if it happens at all. So revenge aficionados will have to wait to quench their vicarious bloodlust.


via Collider

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