‘Justice League’: Zack Snyder Shares Photo of the Black Superman Suit!! Check It Out!!

The Snyder Cut saga continues, and filmmaker Zack Snyder is adding to the fire once more by teasing yet another element from his version of Justice League that never appeared. In the lead up to the movie, Snyder and Henry Cavill were teasing the appearance of the black Superman suit, an iconic costume from the comics. Indeed, in the source material, after Superman gets killed by Doomsday in The Death of Superman, he gets resurrected and wears a black suit instead of a blue one. Because this particular alien dude has a thing for morbid theatricality.

If you’ll recall, at the end of Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Cavill’s Superman was killed by Doomsday. He gets resurrected in the released cut of Justice League via that alien goo from Zod’s (Michael Shannon) ship. But when he reappears, he’s first nekked and then wearing his traditional blue suit.

Now, Snyder has shared a photo of Cavill wearing a black Superman suit over on Vero (via JoBlo), indicating yet another aspect of his version of Justice League that was cut when he left the movie. Indeed, after Snyder’s exit in the midst of post-production, Warner Bros. enlisted Joss Whedon to write and direct a significant amount of new scenes, but even then Whedon didn’t have control over the final cut—Warner Bros. did. The finished version left much to be desired by fans and general audiences alike, and now the future of Cavill’s Superman is in doubt as Snyder continues to tout the release of his Snyder Cut.


Photo by Zack Snyder

According to JoBlo, Snyder clarifies in the comments on his Vero post that his intention was for Cavill to be wearing the black Superman suit for most of Justice League, with the blue suit reappearing at a key moment towards the end. However, Snyder actually shot Cavill wearing the blue suit, which he could then desaturate in post-production and turn black when needed.

Indeed when I spoke to Snyder’s Justice League cinematographer Fabian Wagner a couple of years ago I asked him about the black suit, but he couldn’t recall if they actually shot the black suit or if it was used for a test:

“To be totally honest I just can’t remember if we were shooting it as a test or if we were actually shooting it as a full scene with the suit. I definitely shot it, but I just can’t remember if it was more of a test or a full scene. But definitely seeing the black costume was great. So I’m not 100% sure whether that would have been in the movie anyhow.”

This photo appears to be from a camera test, and Cavill did tease a physical black suit on Instagram during production, but at this point it’s honestly so hard to tell what’s what since Justice League went through so many different changes during filming and post-production.

As for the Snyder Cut, Snyder continues to maintain it exists, but even so he left too early in post-production for his version to have any finished visual effects. Warner Bros. reportedly has no plans to release that version of the movie, which is not surprising given that they’d have to invest millions of dollars to get the VFX to a place where it’s releasable. Millions of dollars into a different version of a very expensive movie that flopped hard. But who knows what the future holds.

For now, it is interesting to see Cavill in the famed black Superman suit. Will we ever see it in action? Only time will tell.


via Collider

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