‘Lord of the Rings’ Series Casts Morfydd Clark as Young Galadriel!!

Cate Blanchett turned in an iconic performance as Galadriel in six movies from the Lord of the Rings story. One of the most powerful Elves of Middle-earth and wielder of an Elven ring of power, the Lady of the Wood was an important figure in the Third Age, but her roots go back to well before even the First Age itself. And there’s a lot of complicated history for the near-immortal character. Some of that will be explored in Amazon’s upcoming series that focuses on the Second Age … but it won’t be the also-near-immortal Blanchett that brings Galadriel to life once more.

Instead, that role now goes to Morfydd Clark (His Dark Materials), as Variety reports, making this casting the first major recognizable role for the project. She’ll join a cast that includes Markella Kavenagh, Joseph Mawle and Maxim Baldry; Will Poulter was expected to star in an undisclosed role but then exited a couple of months later. Hopefully more casting news will be firmed up ahead of the series’ production for Season 1, which will then lead into continued production for an already-ordered second season.

But what of Galadriel? Well, having long wanted to rule over a parcel of Middle-earth, she and husband Celeborn did just that in the Second Age, establishing a fiefdom that would eventually become Lothlorien. Their rule saw both open trade with the Dwarves as well as the establishment of the Rings of Power by a mysterious maia who would be revealed to have quite the nefarious plot in mind. Though Galadriel possessed one of the three Elven rings, she refused to use it until it became necessary to do so in the Third Age. And that’s about as succinctly as we can put the tale of Galadriel, for now.

As for Clark, her busy 2019 calendar included roles in the gator horror flick Crawl, The Personal History of David Copperfield, and HBO’s ongoing series His Dark Materials. 2020 is shaping up nicely for Clark with a title role in writer/director Rose Glass‘ horror film Saint Maud, playing the younger version of Sally Hawkins‘ character in writer/director Craig RobertsEternal Beauty, and the female lead of Mina in the TV miniseries Dracula, from Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat.


via Collider

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