‘Green Eggs and Ham’: Netflix Orders Season 2 Renewal!!

If you haven’t yet watched the animated Dr. Seuss adaptation of Green Eggs and Ham, hopefully some time off over the holidays will let you do just that. You can read my review of the new series here if you need a little more encouragement, but I’d recommend just diving right into the show itself. And if you like what you see, you’ll be happy to hear that another helping is on the way!

As of today, Netflix has renewed the critically-acclaimed animated series Green Eggs and Ham for a second season with Green Eggs and Ham: The Second Serving. In the new season, Sam and Guy’s adventures continue in a quest that takes them around the globe and outside their comfort zones as they get caught between two sides of a delicious conflict. The second season will feature 10 half-hour episodes of hand-drawn 2D animation, produced by Warner Bros. Animation.

Check out the holiday-themed Season 2 announcement trailer below, which is a tad spoilery if you haven’t watched Season 1:

What’s this wrapped up in breakfast-scented paper for you from Sam? Surprise reveal, there’s a second serving of Green Eggs & Ham!

Follow @netflixfamily to claim a scented roll for real before they’re gone. We’ll be busy cooking up 10 new episodes, it shouldn’t take too long…

The series is created by Jared Stern, executive produced by Ellen DeGeneres, Stern, Sam Register, Mike Karz, David Dobkin and Jeff Kleeman, and produced by Helen Kalafatic.


via Collider

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