‘Jack Ryan’ Season 3 Showrunner Paul Scheuring Exits!!

Your dad’s favorite CIA analyst hero Jack Ryan will be searching for a new person to showrun his Amazon Prime series after the departure of Prison Break creator Paul Scheuring, Deadline reports (via THR). Scheuring had taken over as showrunner and executive producer after the exit of series co-creator Carlton Cuse, who handled the duties during Seasons 1 and 2, and the brief tenure of Cuse’s replacement David Scarpa. Scheuring held the job for less than three months before asking to be released after deciding he wasn’t a good fit for the position, according to sources.

Scheuring will be replaced by Vaun Wilmott, who created the SyFy series Dominion and was an executive producer on Star Trek: Discovery. I am now accepting bets on how long Wilmott will last. Meanwhile, series star John Krasinski, who has become a buzzy filmmaker in his own right thanks to the success of A Quiet Place, will become more involved in the showrunning process. He’ll be working with Wilmott to script Season 3, and has also reportedly been involved in making creative and staffing decisions for the show. His behind-the-scenes role will likely continue to increase as his status as a writer/director continues to grow, particularly after the impending release of the almost sure-fire hit A Quiet Place: Part II. (And if this game of showrunner musical chairs continues.)

Jack Ryan, which just aired its second season last October, has become one of Amazon’s most popular original shows, earning mostly positive reviews from critics praising its entertaining cast and action sequences.


via Collider

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