‘Servant’ Creator Teases Season 2 Details!!

Big things are coming to Apple TV+ series  Servant for Season 2. Co-created and executive produced by M. Night Shyamalan and Tony Basgallop, the series stars Nell Tiger Free as Leanne, a quiet young woman who signs on to become the nanny for wealthy Philadelphia couple Dorothy (Lauren Ambrose) and Sean Turner’s (Toby Kebbell) infant son, Jericho. The catch: Jericho is a doll the couple had made in order to help deal with the death of their real son. Strange things begin happening to the family, including the possibility that Leanne might have somehow made Jericho come back to life.

Season 1 ended in a very strange place, with Leanne’s menacing, ultra-religious relatives returning to bring her home and leaving Dorothy and Sean to discover Jericho had been returned to his inanimate, doll form. With questions aplenty and Season 2 on the horizon, Basgallop opened up to Entertainment Weekly about what’s coming next. Hint: Don’t expect too many big changes.

“I don’t want to break what’s working. We’ve always been open to if we need to or want to expand beyond this household, we can. It comes down to story, and at the moment I feel there’s still a lot of story to tell. I know it’s a horribly overused cliché,, but the house is a character in itself. Everybody says that in a show, but I think we have a bit more claim to it after spending 10 episodes there without leaving.”

Basgallop isn’t wrong on that front. The Turner house is full of surprises, so leaving that location would feel like the story isn’t entirely well-rounded. In Season 1, viewers got acquainted with some of the main parts of the house, including the basement, living room, kitchen, nursery, the master bedroom, as well as Leanne’s bedroom. But you absolutely get the sense while watching that the Turner house has plenty of hidden nooks and crannies where secrets could abound, especially considering this wealthy fictional couple owns an older home in the city.

With this in mind, Basgallop continued detailing to EW how the Turner house could give way to developing the story even more in Servant Season 2.

“There are rooms in this house we haven’t opened yet. We haven’t explored every corner of this house, there’s a little more to show. As the show grows and develops, we have the freedom to open the world up, and when it feels right, we will. What I always want to avoid is establishing locations that are just to pass information. If we open another door, it’s an important door to go through. There’s a reason we’re showing you more of the world. We have to earn it. The house is so critical to everything we’ve seen, it would be jarring to just suddenly go somewhere else.”

The new information from Basgallop in no way confirms specific plot details, but it is interesting that the show’s next season will remain concentrated in the sometimes claustrophobic, but very gorgeous Turner home. Season 2 is still in pre-production so it might be a while until we get any new looks or teases, so it might be worthwhile to go back and re-binge Season 1 to see if you can pick up on any new story clues — especially where the house is concerned.

Servant Season 2 is coming soon.


via Collider

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