‘Pinocchio’: Robert Zemeckis Confirmed to Direct Disney’s Live-Action Adaption!!

After making roughly all of the money in the universe off of reboots like Beauty & the Beast, Aladdin, and The Lion King, Disney isn’t likely to stop the remake train any time soon. The latest of the Mouse House’s animated classics getting the live-action treatment is Pinocchio, with Back to the Future filmmaker Robert Zemeckis on board to co-write and direct.

In case you’ve somehow never seen the movie, Pinocchio tells the story of a wooden puppet who gets brought to life by a fairy and must do good deeds in order to turn into a real boy. The Disney film is somewhat notorious for being a little frightening, in particular the infamous Pleasure Island sequence and the final showdown with the raging whale Monstro. Several live-action versions of the story have been produced over the years (including a truly dreadful version starring a woefully miscast Roberto Benigni), but Disney has the advantage of Jiminy Cricket and “When You Wish Upon a Star”.

As reported by Variety, Zemeckis will work on a new draft of the screenplay with Chris Weitz, who is also producing alongside Andrew Miano via Depth of Field. There’s no word yet on casting or a possible release date, but I’m personally hoping that the titular wooden puppet will be animated using Zemeckis’ thoroughly disturbing Beowulf technology.

Zemeckis’ next film is a new adaptation of Roald Dahl’s The Witches, starring Anne Hathaway and due in theaters October 9. Meanwhile, Disney’s next live-action remake Mulan releases March 27.


via Collider

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