‘Memetic’: Seth Rogen to Adapt Surreal Horror Comic!!

Everyone loves memes. They brighten up group texts, communicate so much in so little, and help make Twitter semi-salvageable. But what if a meme could end the world? That’s the irresistibly spooky premise at the heart of Memetic, a surreal comic from writer James Tynion IV, artist Eryk Donovan, and colorist Adam Guzowski. Now, via The Wrap, the Boom! Studios project is being adapted into a film — with the powerhouse team of Seth Rogen and Mattson Tomlin, the latter of whom co-wrote The Batman with Matt Reeves.

Memetic, originally published in 2015, follows the spreading of the “Good Times Sloth,” a simple image of the cute animal against a colorful spiral background. The people who stare at the image feel good. Maybe a little too good. Maybe so good that they become obsessed with it, becoming psychotic and violent, leading to a series of horrific circumstances that spread across the world in miserable speed. Can Aaron, a colorblind college student, and Marcus, a blind veteran, stop the madness? Or will they, too, succumb to the sloth?

Tomlin will adapt Tynion’s comic into a screenplay for Lionsgate, collaborating with both Rogen’s production company Point Grey and Boom! Studios themselves. Ross Ritchie and Stephen Christie will produce for Boom!, Evan Goldberg, James Weaver, and Josh Fagen will produce for Point Grey, and Meredith Wieck and Scott O’Brien will produce for Lionsgate.

This marks the second Tomlin/Point Grey comic adaptation announced recently, with Tomlin adapting Fear Agent with Point Grey for Amazon, alongside David F. Sandberg. Point Grey seems to have found their groove with “darkly humorous genre riffs that are often based on comics,” and they seem to have found quite the collaborator in Tomlin. While I’ve not read the comic, I find this premise to be absolutely clutch, a delightfully contemporary extension of underrated low-budget zombie flick Pontypool, in which language spreads the virus. I’ve added the comic to my library queue, and can’t wait to see what Tomlin and Rogen make — if I don’t go crazy from Baby Yoda sipping tea first.


via Collider

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