‘War of the Worlds’: Epix’s New Series Gets a First Trailer!! Check It Out!!

One of the most enduringly popular sci-fi stories is War of the Worlds, written by H.G. Wells in 1898. Adapted for radio, film and television for over a century since the novel’s initial publication, the source material is now being modernized into a new series for Epix.

Co-produced by French production company StudioCanal, the series sees the extraterrestrial invaders strike modern-day Europe, with humanity forced to go into hiding in the face of the unrelenting, deadly onslaught. Epix has released an ominous trailer for the adaptation, showing the characters fleeing from the invasion and the merciless aliens.

War of the Worlds is developed by Howard Overman, who created the fan-favorite British television series Misfits and co-created the Hulu comedy series Future Man.

Epix‘s series is the second televised adaptation of War of the Worlds within the past year, with the BBC previously adapting the novel as a period-piece miniseries in November.

Developed by Howard Overman, War of the Worlds stars Gabriel Byrne, Elizabeth McGovern, Lea Drucker and Adel Bencherif. The series premieres Feb. 16 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Epix.


via CBR

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