Brandon Routh’s Superman Rumored to be Getting his Own TV Series!!

It goes without saying that Brandon Routh’s Superman was one of the best aspects of the Arrowverse’s Crisis On Infinite Earths crossover. Not only did it allow us to catch up with Earth-96’s Man of Steel, it gave the veteran performer a chance to revisit his most iconic role – over a decade after he (and we) had initially been robbed of doing so.

Routh famously hit the big time back in 2006 when he portrayed Clark Kent/Superman in Superman Returns. A legacy sequel, it was tied to the original Christopher Reeve franchise and did indeed serve as a sequel, but it could also be interpreted as its own standalone offering. In spite of that, and good reviews, its slight underperformance at the box office resulted in plans for a sequel eventually fading away.

However, after finally getting to reprise the role in Crisis, and doing an exceptional job of bringing a version of the Kingdom Come Superman to life, the Legends of Tomorrow star might get his chance to shine one more time.

According to Ryan Unicomb – a reliable source in breaking DC news in the past – Warner Bros. may be considering a post-Crisis limited Superman series centered on Routh’s Man of Steel. In an Instagram post, he commented that the project would reunite Routh with Greg Berlanti and some of the Superman Returns team. Moreover, it might air on The CW but the more likely option appears to be HBO Max. He commented:

“The outing would see Routh return as the titular character and reunite him with “established characters in Superman lore”. This would be developed alongside the recently announced straight to series SUPERMAN & LOIS, also Produced by Greg Berlanti.”

Again, we don’t tend to post rumors based on Instagram posts, but given Unicomb’s previous reliability and the fact that reliable Arrowverse YouTuber Pagey also spoke about it, it’s worth considering – especially when you factor in that Routh is departing from his long-standing Arrowverse role as Ray Palmer/The Atom on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

Tyler Hoechlin will lead the already ordered straight-to-series Superman & Lois, but is a return to Krypton on the horizon for this Kal-El? Let’s hope so!

via BamSmackPow

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