‘No Time to Die’: Listen to Billie Eilish’s Theme Song!!

Billie Eilish just released her much-anticipated theme song for the upcoming James Bond film No Time to Die, and you can listen to it right the heck now by watching the video below.

The song is a perfect fit for Daniel Craig’s take on the secret agent. It’s dark and moody, much like Craig’s brooding, loner super spy. No Time to Die marks his fifth outing as 007, and will reportedly be his last, wrapping up all of the story lines from his previous four films. Which makes Eilish’s song all the more appropriate, as it feels like the kind of earworm that sticks in your head when you’re thinking about all the crazy shit you’ve been through. And Craig’s Bond has been through a whole lot at this point – his time in the tuxedo has produced easily the darkest movies in the franchise’s history. So it makes sense that his swan song should have a grim, melancholy theme.

Eilish recently won five Grammy awards, including Best New Artist and Album of the Year. No Time to Die is the 25 installment in the long-running James Bond franchise, which began with 1962’s Dr. No. Craig is the sixth actor to play the title character, and No Time to Die will be his fifth outing in the role originated by Sean Connery. As I said, all signs indicate that this will be Craig’s final Bond film, but everyone said that about Spectre, including the actor himself, so who knows. Check out Eilish’s song in the video below.

via Collider

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