‘Connected’: First Images Reveal Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s Upcoming Animated Film! Check It Out!!

Sony has released the first images from Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s upcoming animated film Connected, about a family on a road trip during a robot uprising. The images, revealed in an EW exclusive, introduce us to the Mitchells, the family at the center of all the action.

Initially titled The Mitchells vs. the Machines, Connected follows Katie Mitchell (Abbi Jacobson), a teenage girl just accepted to the college of her dreams. Her dad Rick (Danny McBride) decides to take the whole family on one last road trip to try and get everyone to unplug for a while and reconnect with nature and with each other. Rounding out the main cast are Maya Rudolph as Katie’s mom Kinda and Mike Rianda as Katie’s younger brother Aaron.

Rianda, who was a writer for the excellent animated series Gravity Falls, also directed the film, which he co-wrote alongside fellow Gravity Falls scribe Jeff Rowe. “I tried to think about the two things that I loved the most,” Rianda told EW, “which was my crazy family… and also killer robots.”

The killer robots in question are virtually every modern electronic device you can think of, which suddenly become self-aware and stage a violent uprising. Very little else is known about the plot of the film, which doesn’t hit theaters until September. But what is known is that some of the much-lauded animation techniques used to create Lord and Miller’s Oscar-winning film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse would be used to render the differences between the gritty, natural human world and the sleek, mechanical perfection of the robots. We also know that Eric Andre is voicing an eccentric inventor named Mark Bowman, and global treasure Oliva Colman is playing a SIRI-like AI called PAL.

Connected is due in theaters September 18. Until then, you can check out the images below.


Image via Sony Pictures Animation


Image via Sony Pictures Animation


via Collider

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