‘Glitch Techs’ Trailer Promises an Animated ‘Ghostbusters’ for Gamers!! Check It Out!!

A new animated series called Glitch Techs hit Netflix on Friday, and it’s flying a little under the radar, so we thought we’d show it some love.

The series was co-created by Eric Robles (Fanboy) and Dan Milano (Greg the Bunny), and it was produced by Nickelodeon Animation Studios, as it was initially earmarked for Nickelodeon before moving to Netflix last year. The animation hails from Top Draw Animation, with assistance by Maven Animation Studios in South Korea.

Glitch Techs follows two teenagers who work at a game store as a front for their actual job — hunting video game monsters who have broken out into the real world. The diverse voice cast includes Sandeep Parikh as Haneesh, Luke Youngblood as Mitch, Monica Ray as Miko, Ricardo Hurtado as High Five, Zehra Fazal as Zahra, Josh Sussman as Bergy, Eric Lopez as Papi and Scott Kreamer as Phil, with Milano voicing BITT. Additional voice actors include Grey Griffin, Jessica DiCicco, Hynden Walch, Kate Higgins, and Kari Wahlgren.

It has been a long journey to the small screen for Glitch Techs, which judging by its trailers, strikes me as Ghostbusters for gamers, as the monster-capturing device is reminiscent of a proton pack. Not only did it switch distributors, moving from a cable network to a streaming service, but Robles and Milano had completed several Season 2 episodes when production was halted, as the show has yet to be renewed. Glitch Techs may very well resume production if enough kids watching the 10-episode first season, which has had very little promotion compared to Netflix’s live-action fare.

Animation is a labor of love, and hundreds of talented people have spent years working on Glitch Techs, so check out the trailer below.


via Collider

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