‘Westworld’: New Featurette Goes Behind the Scenes of Season 3!! Check It Out!!

New Westworld, who dis? HBO’s sci-fi hit is leaving the park behind and heading into the “real world” in the upcoming third season, which offers a bit of a soft reboot, including introducing Aaron Paul as a new leading character. With Season 3 debuting this weekend, HBO has released a new behind-the-scenes teaser video titled “Escape from Westworld” that tees up the new world of hosts and humans.

“After two seasons investing in the hosts, in the third season, we needed to look at humanity,” says series co-creator Jonathan Nolan in the video. “If the trajectory of technological development continues, 30 years from now, what does that world look like?”

“We wanted to step through a portal and land in the future,” adds fellow co-creator Lisa Joy. And boy that future looks pretty dang bleak (I mean, cool as hell. But bleak.) I caught the first four episodes for review (you can read my mostly spoiler-free thoughts here) and while fans were expecting the series to take us to Futureworld eventually, instead Westworld is focused on world-building the future, and it’s just algorithms as far as the eye can see.

Yes, there’s a lot of really cool robot stuff, Dolores (Evan Rachel Wood) is rocking the hell out of a new Blade Runner aesthetic, and I shit you not, there is an app for doing crime, but mostly it’s a big ol’ bummer time where it’s the humans, not the hosts, who are trapped in their little loops, designed by an “all-knowing” A.I. — it’s a clever flip of the script from the series’ initial set-up, and while Season 3 still leans a bit too hard into the mystery box-ing at times, it’s all-around a pretty fun semi-fresh start for the series.

Take a peek in BTS featurette below and stay tuned for more when Westworld returns to HBO on Sunday, March 15.


via Collider

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