‘Harley Quinn’ Season 2 Trailer Promises More Insanity!! Check It Out!!

The new trailer for Season 2 of Harley Quinn dropped on YouTube today, and it looks like the animated series will continue its streak of being one of the best DC Comics properties ever created. The trailer is brief, but manages to pack in so much comedic gold in 60 seconds that I literally cannot wait to watch it when it releases on the DC Universe streaming app.

The R-rated cartoon follows Harley (Kaley Cuoco) as she sows chaos all over Gotham City alongside a motley crew of sidekicks like King Shark (Ron Funches) and Poison Ivy (Lake Bell). In the last season, Harley was trying her absolute best to join the Legion of Doom, but things predictably get way out of hand and the Joker destroys the entire city.

The trailer looks like Season 2 is picking up right where Season 1 ended, with the rest of Batman’s rogues gallery (including a truly hilarious James Adomian as Bane) arguing over how to split up Gotham. Alfred Molina joins the cast as Mr. Freeze, which is some of the most excellent casting in recent memory. We also get glimpses of Catwoman (voiced by Sanaa Lathan) and a returning Doctor Psycho (Veep’s Tony Hale).

Harley Quinn was a pleasant surprise when it debuted last year on DC Universe. It’s tightly written and boasts a stellar voice cast, and it’s also pretty dang funny. Check out the new trailer below. Season 2 premieres April 3.


via Collider

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