Showtime to Offer Trapped at Home New Customers 30-Day Free Trial!!

Showtime has announced that it will offer a 30-day free trial to new customers. The offer is currently available, and viewers who sign up before May 3 can access the network’s original series, documentaries, specials and movies online via the Showtime streaming service.

With millions of Americans self-quarantined at home, there’s no better time to give Showtime a shot. The network is currently airing the final season of its top-rated drama Homeland, and there’s plenty of time to catch up on the series before its grand finale on April 26. I’ve been binge-watching the series all week and this season has been really, really good. It doesn’t hurt that the show added Claire Danes‘ real life husband Hugh Dancy as a weaselly advisor to the President.

Another show that recently returned for its second season is Black Monday starring Don Cheadle, Regina Hall and Andrew Rannells. It’s not a great show by any means, but it is a consistently entertaining watch, and better than most half-hour comedies on traditional broadcast networks.

Meanwhile, Billions returns for its fifth season on May 3, which may be why Showtime is encouraging people to subscribe before that date. I’ve never really gotten into the show, but I have dozens of friends who swear by it, and I’ll admit that my taste in television isn’t for everyone.

There’s a ton of great programming available on the Showtime streaming service, such as all seven seasons of Ray Donovan, and the first season of City on a Hill starring Kevin Bacon and Aldis Hodge. I’d also recommend the network’s limited series about Roger Ailes, The Loudest Voice starring Russell Crowe in one of his very best performances.

Going forward, I’m looking forward to Showtime’s docuseries Outcry, as well as high-profile shows such as Ripley, The President Is Missing, and Halo.


via Collider

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