‘Solo’ and ‘Man-Wolf’: Sony Reportedly Developing More Spider-Man Spin-Offs!!

Sony Pictures is still in the process of planning out their Spider-Man Marvel cinematic universe. The upcoming films currently in development include Morbius and Venom 2. Other films that have been discussed in the past include Silver and Black, Silk, Kraven, Spider-Woman, Mysterio, Nightwatch, Sinister Six, and Madame Web.

The Illuminerdi is now reporting that the studio is in early development on films focusing on the characters Solo and Man-Wolf. They report that these projects are “in the early stages of development at the studio. As far as we know there isn’t talent attached at this time, but they are on the conveyor belt of production that brought the equally improbable Morbius spin-off film to an unlikely reality.”

I’m personally not really familiar with the character Solo, but he’s also known as James Bourne, who is “a counter-terrorism specialist who is a master of hand to hand combat and firearms. He also has cybernetic implants that allow him to teleport short distances.”

These are both interesting characters that could make for great films, especially if they were able to actually interact with Spider-Man. I imagine many of the future films that Sony is developing will include Spider-Man as the plan is to stop sharing the character with Marvel after one more solo film and an appearance in one other MCU film.


via Geek Tyrant

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