Production Delayed on New ‘Succession’ and ‘Barry’ Seasons!!

This week, HBO announced production on two of the channel’s biggest shows, Succession and Barry, would be delayed amidst growing concerns over the novel coronavirus. Both Succession and Barry were in pre-production after scoring respective Season 3 renewals in 2019.

Among those reporting on the double-delay for Succession and Barry were outlets like Variety and Deadline. Including in every report was a brief statement from HBO, which reads,

“We are looking forward to resuming preproduction when it is safe and healthy for everyone working on our shows to do so. Where possible, our writers are continuing to write remotely.”

At this point, it’s unclear if the respective writing teams for Succession or Barry intend to get any work done remotely. HBO’s statement on the shutdown is the next logical step in the company’s shutdown on all shows further along in the production process earlier in March. Previous shutdowns include The Righteous Gemstones Season 2 and Euphoria Season 2, which had either begun filming (in the case of Gemstones) or started table reads with a filming start imminent (in the case of Euphoria).

Delays on Succession and Barry are inevitable as concerns grow over preventing the spread of the novel coronavirus here in the U.S. and across the globe. March has seen the entertainment industry hit hard, with numerous movie and television productions shutdown or delayed while, in particular, TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy and The Walking Dead unexpectedly shortening their respective seasons which are still on the air and in the midst of production.


via Collider

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