‘Dark’ Season 3: First Trailer Reveals Release Date!! Check It Out!!

Netflix has released the first trailer for Season 3 of the German sci-fi series Dark. The trailer not only reveals the release date for Season 3, but also teases the final cycle of time-traveling mystery and adventure for the residents of the tiny German town of Winden.

After two seasons of super-twisty time-travel, Dark is gearing up for the final cycle. That final cycle was set up in the back half of Season 2, with many of the characters involved in the expansive series making it clear the final time travel cycle affecting the lives of the Winden residents would be a life-changing one. As such, this trailer feels even more epic since it’s hyping up what will no doubt be a breathtaking, fast-paced season as the clock ticks down.

As the trailer comes to a close, we learn that Season 3 will premiere on Saturday, June 27. The timing of the show is no mistake, either. In Season 2, it is revealed the day of the apocalyptic event which sends Winden and the world into a nuclear winter happens on June 27, 2020. Even though I’m pretty sure the folks at Dark had no way of knowing they’d be releasing the third season of their show into a world beset by events which make it feel like an apocalypse is happening, the timing of that release date sure is something. At least we can spend a Saturday forgetting what’s actually going on in the world and sink into an otherworldly sci-fi story as we binge Dark Season 3.

Dark Season 3 arrives on Netflix on June 27. Check out the first trailer for the epic and intense new season below.


via Collider

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