‘Cyberpunk 2077’ Sees Release Date Delay Once Again!!

CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077 release date has been delayed once again. Not quite as far as 2077 itself, but for many gamers it might feel that way. The game was previously delayed to September. And that was back in January. The Devs have been pretty quiet about revealing content in between the release date shuffles, teasing Keanu Reevespart to play in the game more than a year ago, and revealing the “genital customization” options just about a month to go. Now, we’ll have to wait a couple more months to experience any of that goodness because the new release date will be November 19th.

The official reason for the delay is mostly a technical one: Quality control, bug fixes, balancing of mechanics, and the like. Content-wise, everything’s there; so is all the gameplay, according to the Devs. But fans will get to know more soon since CD Projekt Red will be airing Night City Wire on June 25th, when some lucky journalists the world over will get to share their early experiences from the game in the first wave of previews. (That event was also originally delayed out of respect to the ongoing #BlackLivesMatter movement.)

Personally, I’d prefer the final product to be fully cooked rather than under-baked, so I’m anxiously awaiting the release just like the rest of you. CD Projekt Red also expects this game to be an experience that gamers can come back to for years and years ahead, so the wealth of content available is sure to be sizable. That alone promises to be worth the wait.

Here’s the official reason behind the push back to November 19th:


via Collider

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