‘Stage 13’: Edgar Wright to Direct Horror Short Story Adaption!!

With his next film Last Night in Soho awaiting release in the spring, Edgar Wright has signed on to direct Amblin’s supernatural movie Stage 13, about a Hollywood backlot haunted by the ghost of a young actress from the silent film era.

An American Pickle scribe Simon Rich will adapt his short story of the same name, which involves a ghost that has haunted the titular soundstage of a studio backlot for decades. When a struggling director meets the ghost, they find an unexpected kinship and team up to make their mark on the world.

That’s a pretty interesting premise, though I’m curious what the tone will be, as Rich’s short story was originally featured in his collection Hits and Misses, which won the 2019 Thurber Prize for American Humor. Does that mean Stage 13 will be more comedic in nature? We’ll see…

Deadline reports that Rich will produce with Wright’s longtime collaborator Nira Park, as well as Working Title’s Tim Bevan and Eric Fellner. The Working Title duo have been working with Wright since his 2004 feature debut Shaun of the Dead, while Park goes back even further with the director, having produced his hit TV series Spaced. Wright will serve as an executive producer on Stage 13, while Amblin Partners executives Jeb Brody and John Buderwitz will oversee the project on behalf of the studio.

Rich is a five-time Emmy nominee who has written for Saturday Night Live, and whose work frequently appears in the New Yorker. He also wrote the upcoming Seth Rogen comedy An American Pickle, which will debut Aug. 6 on HBO Max. Click here to watch a trailer for that film.

Wright has been a busy boy over the last four months, signing on to direct an adaptation of the upcoming Simon Stephenson novel Set My Heart to Five, about a screenwriting robot who develops feelings, as well an adaptation of Adrian McKinty‘s kidnapping tale The Chain. He also launched a production company with longtime pal Joe Cornish and promptly set up three TV projects at Netflix.

As for Last Night in Soho, that film will now arrive in theaters on April 23. Anya Taylor-Joy and Thomasin McKenzie star alongside Matt Smith and Terence Stamp.


via Collider

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