‘Grizzly 2’: George Clooney, Laura Dern Starring Lost 1983 Movie Is Finally Coming Out!!

George Clooney, Laura Dern, and Charlie Sheen teamed up to make a killer bear movie in 1983, and that movie has been lost to the sands of time until now. Grizzly 2, the sequel to the 1976 Jaws ripoff about a gigantic murderous bear ambushing nude women and bearded naturalists alike, will finally be available on streaming and in select drive-in theaters this fall.

As detailed in an exhaustive and fascinating history by The Ringer’s Brian Raftery, the film was a tumultuous production featuring the then-unknown actors. Dern and Sheen were still teenagers at the time, and none of them had any acting credits to their names. What’s arguably even more surprising is that Grizzly 2 also stars Louise Fletcher, who had won the Academy Award for Best Actress only a few years before. (She did make a series of science fiction and horror films in the 80s, so in retrospect, I suppose that checks out.)

via Collider

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