‘Harley Quinn’ Heading to HBO Max For Season 3!!

Harley Quinn, aka “the single greatest Batman adaptation ever created,” has just been greenlit for a third season that will air on HBO Max. The news came in a press release that also revealed Harley Quinn’s fellow DC Universe shows Young Justice, Doom Patrol, Titans, and Stargirl would be moving over to HBO Max, although no new seasons of those series have yet been announced.

If for some reason you haven’t seen Harley Quinn, stop what you are doing immediately and go binge the first two seasons. The irreverent animated comedy puts Harley at the center of a satirical deconstruction of the Batman universe as she assembles a team of miscreants to help her achieve master criminal status after breaking up with the Joker. That team includes her BFF Poison Ivy (Lake Bell), the egotistical Doctor Psycho (Tony Hale), the master thespian Clayface (Alan Tudyk), the kind-hearted but violence-prone King Shark (Ron Funches), an elderly cyborg named Sy Borgman (Jason Alexander), and Frank the plant (J.B. Smoove). Kaley Cuoco stars as Harley, and she and the rest of the voice cast are just so damn good it can’t be overstated (particularly Ron Funches as King Shark). It’s extremely funny and sharply written, with some truly fun takes on classic Batman characters including Christopher Meloni as a deranged Jim Gordon. My personal favorite is James Adomian as a meek and insecure Bane, who constantly gets undermined by the other villains while still speaking with Tom Hardy’s Bane voice.

For now, you can catch Harley Quinn on both HBO Max and DC Universe (or just flat-out buy the series on Amazon Prime, which is what I did despite having subscriptions to both of those services).


via Collider

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