‘Raised by Wolves’ Renewed for Season 2!!

If you’re watching Ridley Scott‘s wild sci-fi show Raised by Wolves, you probably have questions. Well good news, there’s gonna be plenty of time to get answers because HBO Max has officially renewed Raised by Wolves for Season 2. The renewal comes with the news that the series is the top-performing original HBO Max series since the platform launched in May.

Raised by Wolves premiered its first 3 episodes on September 3 and the 8-episode first season will continue releasing new episodes weekly until the finale later this month. In its second week, the series grew its audience by 50% (though in the traditional streaming platform fashion, HBO Max has not released the exact data on those numbers).

“When I think of Raised by Wolves, I think of artistry; artistry in crafting a compelling storyline, artistry in the out-of-this-world production design, special effects and cinematography, artistry in our actor’s portrayals of these memorable characters, and artistry attached to the legendary work of Ridley Scott, Aaron Guzikowski and our phenomenal crew,” said Sarah Aubrey, head of HBO Max in the official announcement. “This chart-topping series beautifully weaves together Ridley’s hallmarks of sci-fi and horror while offering fans one of the most original storylines they’ve seen in some time. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for season two.”

“Being a dyed-in-the-wool advertising man, I was knocked out by the extraordinary campaign done by HBO Max marketing, which conveyed the ambitious storyline in such a provocative and tactile manner, and deftly positioned our first season of Raised by Wolves as a “must watch” show. It must have been a notable challenge to selectively plumb the riches In Aaron’s storylines. We were even happier that audiences have responded so enthusiastically,” said Ridley Scott. “We are already deep into the “layers” of season 2, as Aaron has begun to shape what we think will be another brilliant season to inspire the imagination.”

Created by Prisoners screenwriter Aaron Guzikowski and produced by ScottRaised by Wolves tells a twisty sci-fi tale about two androids tasked with raising human children on a strange and striking mystery planet. Scott also directed the first two episodes of the series (his first time directing TV in decades), which stars Winta McGrath, Niamh Algar, Jordan Loughran, Matias Varela, Felix Jamieson, Ethan Hazzard, Aasiya Shah, Ivy Wong and Travis Fimmel.


via Collider

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