‘Passion of the Christ 2’: Jim Caviezel Claims Sequel Will Be The Biggest Film Ever!!

The Passion of The Christ: Resurrection star Jim Caviezel claims that the sequel to director Mel Gibson‘s 2004 biblical drama will be “the biggest film in world history.” Caviezel played Jesus Christ in the original, telling the story of Christ’s crucifixion and death. The film went on to become a cultural phenomenon and massive box office success despite its multiple controversies.

With a box office total of over $620 million, The Passion of The Christ is among the highest-grossing R-rated films of all time. At the time of its release, the film faced criticism for its excessive depiction of violence, its historical and biblical inaccuracies, and alleged antisemitism. Reports of Gibson and writer Randall Wallace working on a sequel based on the resurrection of Jesus Christ surfaced in 2016. That was followed in 2018 with news of Caviezel in talks about returning to the role. The latest update came in May of this year when Wallace indicated that discussions about a sequel were ongoing.

Now Jim Caviezel has provided more information on the project, telling Breitbart News that the sequel will be “the biggest film in world history.” Caviezel revealed that the film will be titled The Passion of the Christ: Ressurection and claimed that he’s read Mel Gibson‘s third draft. It’s clear that Gibson is taking his time with the project after previously commenting on the scope and scale he hopes to achieve with the sequel.

Critical response to The Passion of The Christ was less than favorable, with many critics pointing out the previously mentioned controversies. However, some found the film to be moving. It did earn three Academy Award nominations and the box office returns clearly demonstrate the religious movie had an audience. Whether those audiences would show up more than 16 years later in the same numbers is difficult to predict regardless of what Jim Caviezel says about the script.

The world is much different in 2020 than it was in 2004. While the tolerance for violence and disturbing content has increased, there is a lower tolerance for material deemed offensive or insensitive. It’s hard to imagine the reception The Passion of The Christ would get in today’s climate. Even more of a question is its director. Mel Gibson has become one of Hollywood’s most controversial figures following multiple arrests and repeated racist or antisemetic tirades. While his most recent movie, 2016’s Hacksaw Ridge, earned six Academy Award nominations (including Best Director and Best Picture) and won two, he’s not someone the industry should want to have back on the A-List.

The Passion of The Christ: Resurrection has been in discussions for years, so even though Jim Caviezel is predicting big things, there’s no guarantee the movie will go ahead any time soon.


via Screen Rant

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