‘Hackers 2’: A Sequel Is Being Actively Considered Says Director!!

In honor of the wild cyberpunk cult classic’s 25th anniversary, I got to sit down with the director of HackersIain Softley, for an in-depth, 45-minute Zoom interview about every facet of the film. And when he teased a return to the world of Hackers “being actively considered”, I simply had to share it with my fellow Hacker-ytes (probably just shoulda stuck with “hackers”) as soon as possible (look for our full interview on Collider tomorrow!).

Here’s Softley on revisiting the world of Hackers:

“We are, I have to say for the first time in 25 years, and we probably started this conversation a year or two ago, in the aftermath of the 20th anniversary, I’d never even thought it was something that was interesting. Because we’d anticipate something, and then it’d happen. And then it was kind of all pervasive. Whereas, what’s happened now, with big data, and the way that it’s actually broke through and become maybe the dominant force in the world, in terms of influencing politics and finance and elections, that I think there is a call, for the first time ever, that the Knights of the Round Table should be woken up to sort of answer the call again. And there are a couple of conversations.”

Softley noted that the landscape of tech is quite different now that it was in 1994:

“It was a much more simple landscape at the time, in 1995. It’s much more complex [now]. It’s much more dangerous that it would become outdated almost as soon as the film’s released. But there are certain cast members, certainly the guys who work with Chris Nolan, DNEG, they’re approached all the time about, ‘Why isn’t there [more Hackers]?’ And on the internet, on Twitter and social media, people are asking about that possibility. So, it’s being explored. But I don’t think any of us would want to do it unless we thought it was worthwhile to do. We wouldn’t do it as just a commercial exercise. But there has been interest, from kind of mainstream producers. So it’s something that’s being actively considered for the first time ever, really.”

Will this be a sequel? A reboot with new cast members? And who are these “mainstream producers” we’re hearing about? Softley kept these details close to the chest, but what he did share is exciting. It sounds like he and his team want to make sure this idea is one worth visiting before presenting it, and the fact that this is “the first time ever” an idea has passed the smell test gets me very excited for more hacking action soon. Not to mention, as Softley says, there’s simply too much tech nonsense going on for our hacking heroes not to poke around in!


via Collider

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