‘Tenet’ Passes $300M Globally, Yet Struggles to Pass $50M Domestically at the BO!!

It’s been an uphill battle here in the U.S. for Tenet as it struggles to hit the box office milestones it’s racking up with relative ease overseas. As its fifth theatrical weekend comes to a close, Tenet‘s domestic total currently sits at $45.1 million. This weekend, the movie added just $2.7 million to that current domestic total, representing another 21% drop in its week-to-week earnings. Tenet also lost 128 theaters this week, showing in just 2,722 locations. It’s also worth noting that Canada, which is included in the domestic total conversation, holds approximately 11% of the share here. That, coupled with the refrain you read here every week — numerous key U.S. markets including a majority of L.A. and New York City remain shuttered — are contributing to the U.S. sputter.

Overseas, Tenet is, admittedly, benefitting from the head start its earlier release date offers. The Christopher Nolan pic passed $300 million globally thanks to the contributions of 58 markets. Tenet‘s international cume now sits at $262 million. To date, the top five highest-grossing markets (excluding the U.S. and Canada) are: China ($65.5M), the United Kingdom ($20.9M), France ($20M), Germany ($16.1M), and Japan ($15.9M). In additional international news, Disney’s live-action Mulan earned another $1.1 million internationally, bringing its international total to $66.8 million.

Elsewhere in this weekend’s top 10, we have some interesting results for two theatrical re-releases. First up: 1993’s Hocus Pocus. Disney’s witchy Halloween romp was re-released in 2,570 theaters and hit #2 in the chart with $1.9 million domestic. At #6 is Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back. The 1980 Star Wars pic earned $335K domestic from 1,675 locations. Other notable results include The New Mutants at #3 with $1 million domestic, Unhinged at #4 with 870K domestic, and Infidel at #5 with $455K domestic. Meanwhile, #7’s The Broken Hearts Gallery earned $275K while the Gravitas fantasy-horror flick Shortcut hit #9 in its second week, earning another $210K domestic and bringing its domestic total up to $673K.

Finally, newcomers Possessor and Save Yourselves! broke into this weekend’s top 10. Brandon Cronenberg‘s (son of David) sophomore feature film Possessor opened in 320 theaters, earning $227.5K domestic. Meanwhile, Bleecker Street’s sci-fi rom-com Save Yourselves! opened in 388 locations, earning $141.6K total.


via Collider

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